Friday, March 25, 2016


I.                    IN THE GARDEN
(after Mahmoud Darwish)

He saw what was ahead
and he cried.

He cried
from his eyes
and from his whole face

He cried
from his chest
and his arms
and from the tips of his fingers

He cried
from his whole body

and he bled

He bled from his whole body

And then

He was betrayed.

II.                WHEN IT WAS FINISHED

When it was finished

His mother's heart
was fully pierced.

When it was finished

Crows fought
for the unfurling ribbon
of his last words.

And when it was finished

Darkness rose
from broken tombs

stars and comets
crossed the sky

Judas lit
a single candle
in the upper room.

When it was finished:

Three soldiers
in camos and balaclavas
snapped their steel wands
and pushed the crowd back
from the high mound

his friends
lowered the cross
closed his eyes
and pulled the nails

a wild dog
slunk up to him
sniffed his matted hair
and stood gazing
at his face.

When it was finished

The rain began

and the rain
washed him

and the mud
anointed him

and the women
wrapped his body.

And when it was finished

They left him
to the tomb
and made
their way
past endless rubble
through checkpoints
and concertina wire

made their way
past trash fires
and crack whores

made their way
into narrow lanes
past grilled and boarded storefronts
into darkened parlors of frightened men
and hungry children.
And when it was finished

Hell welcomed Him

and knelt before Him


if He had died

for them

as well.

III.             JUDAS

Betrayal isn't the greatest sin

It's despair.

God would have forgiven Judas

but he lost all hope

and so became
the only saint
in Hell.


Crucifixion - Jackson Pollock

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