Friday, May 30, 2014


Inside the turquoise
sensations ripple
like sunlight under water.

We were living in a fever dream
and laid the odor of decay
around us like a trap.

In bed for days
we'd eat the little birds
that died while banging up
against our eyes.

The telephone rang and stopped…

     rang and stopped…

     rang and stopped.

Our friends gave up on us
we invented new friends,

The Oracle read:  "No Blame."

She became thin and pail
her eyes were red rimmed
her lips were flowers
She said the city poisoned her.

Arguments began
and we'd nourish them
as best we could.
We'd dress them up like children
and send them out to play
in the alleys of our neighborhood.

We'd slip inside each other
and not come out
until our tears
filled goblets.

We cracked the turquoise
with the violence of our games.
Opened doors and windows
so the arsonists could do their work.

We ran to separate churches
and watched the fire
from different parts of town.

The Lake was frozen
Ice was everywhere.

The wind.


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