Thursday, August 15, 2013

Older and Colder

Song w/o Music 4

Come over here, brother
pull up a stool
have a drink
that's ok, I'll get it
I just need to talk
you might lend me your ear
I know, it's Shakespeare that said it.

See that big old map hanging on the wall
shows every place I've been
and there's stars up there on those little towns -
heartbreak, misery, and sin.

Miriam was in Louisville
and Linda lived up north
there was Susie in my own home town
Crazy Mamie was the fourth.

I married every one of those girls
wasn't one that I liked best
but they all had arms
growing out of their charms
and they all put bars
up around the nest.

I left those women far behind
without a phone call or a note
and headed down to Mexico
with some money and some hope
I'd find a better place
where people prayed
on their knees - just like they meant it
and forgiveness would come
like a sweet sweet gift
a merciful God would send it.

But it weren't in the cards
it didn't happen
even though I prayed it would
so I came back north
with my hat in my hands
to try to make up
or try to make good.

I was soon to learn
that too much time
had passed and you know I let it
and if you're not on time
the people you hurt
won't let you forget it.

It's a hard and wicked world, my friend
full of roads that never end
and there ain't no truck that's long enough
to haul the hurtin' I been in.

Now I got me a room
in a skid road crash
and a job that don't really pay
that keeps me floating on whiskey fumes
and a couple of meals a day
I'd like to change my life
and do a few good things
don't know how, I'd like to try
but I'm afraid the sweet and the holy might be
too soft for hands like mine.

Thanks a lot, brother
let me get you another
there's some reason you're sitting here
but you don't have to say
and you don't have to pay
and you don't have to shed a tear.

There is one kind favor
I ask of you
think of me down the road
'cause the days are short
and the nights are long
and the older you get
the more you feel the cold
yeah, the older you get
the more you feel the cold.

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